When to come monthly after curettage of the uterus, birth, receiving dyufaston

ChildWhen coming month following delivery, cesarean section, curettage of the uterus - these questions quite relevant for all gerls. Happen in your events, such as a menstrual cycle is broken or gets off, and a woman 18 years old does not know what to do and what to think... Let's consider a most common life situations and a influence on a menstrual cycle.If the pregnancy is aborted...Not ever ends pregnancy childbirth. Abortion, miscarriage, pregnancy, and various non-developing fetal abnormality is not compatible with life - is not uncommon. And, perhaps, one in three gerls in his life at least once experiencing a "cleansing of a uterus." And when coming 30 days later curettage of the uterus? In this case, a cleaning day is a first day of the menstrual cycle, and hence monthly must come in exactly however a lot of hours however finish cycle, when 28 - then following 28, and if 30 - then 30. So, there may be irregularities in connection with hormonal failure. Читать полностью -->

When is a 1-st time in a bath?

Child1st time may lead a child to a bath in 7-19 months. There are 2 variants of bath: very dry (Finnish) and steam (in Russian). Determine what you carry consummate, and stick with a choice. Babies are generally more resistant to steam.Mothers. Like Moms.articles:Child. Monthly postpartumChildMoms. Читать полностью -->

Water Treatments in nature

BabyMore good opportunity to run barefoot, especially in the first. A remarkable capacity of hardening has walking barefoot in the dew. However much how possible let a baby run on a h2o in the river, a lake, the pond. No claim to specifically sunbathing, it is consummate to undress a baby, and let it run, then gets into the shadow, so the sun. On a river do not create it right to bathe. Infants love to play in the sand near the water, they go into a h2o, stand in it. Читать полностью -->

Child care. Hygiene baby's soundness pledge

NewbornFor new parents frequently certain complexity in the care of the newborn becomes a newborn's genital hygiene.As, a granite of science on a hygiene of children becomes pliable after a building of a theory and approximately practical training. With proper treatment of skin skin wrinkles can avoid a lot of of the "grown-up" problems in children.  Service of a child. Similar Attention of a child.articles:NutrientsChildCan a nursing mum persimmonBabyAttention of a baby. Fall thin hair after childbirthChild. . . Читать полностью -->

A baby want not be frightened!

BabyThis process raises, how it is good done in a first or later school hours of 6-7 pm, but not right earlier bedtime. Strive to keep your newborn was beautiful. Do not scare him, do not insist, if a child is afraid not to turn it all into a stressful situation. In this case, the contrast is complete perfusion take a form of a game.A proposed process may also be used in kindergarten. Put 3 or four basin with hot water and a same capacity of cold-blooded. The children ran from one to a other basins. Читать полностью -->

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