Newborn leaving. Is it potential to dye a hair nursing mothers

ChildMay I color my hair nursing mom - one of a most complex questions of new mothers. After all, if upon gestation a answer was clearly no, but today, when the goal is achieved and a opportunity to once again return to the image that was pre-gestation visit to the hairdresser does not demand to delay. What to do and however to maintain the attractiveness of not causing harm to a newborn at a same time? There are quite a some common myths that scare nursing moms however soon so they beginning talking some hair color.Myths about the size of the dangers of paintThe 1st myth. The paint harm the child's well-being, because it is through the hair roots may get into a blood stream.No, this is misleading - the connection of a roots and hair-sided. Thin hair can not do anything to pass a follicle, they may alone get nutrients from it. Why the fear that at a staining in fresh milk does not fall extremely effective substance for a baby, it is not required. Читать полностью -->

Moms. Foot Massage

NewbornPick up a left hand left foot child in the leg. The index and middle fingers of a right mitt, place the back of a foot, creating a support. Thumb of the right mitt start to rub soles - with heels to a fingers and back. Several minutes, draw on a sole of 8, seven.Click on a middle of a foot under a fingers - hands will flex, without face lifting a finger, swipe on a outer edge of a foot to a heel and press the middle of the heel - fingers unbent. This kind of exercises for fingers.Rub the outside edge of the foot, knead (draw the spiral) there, so do the like on the inner edge of the foot. Knead every finger. Читать полностью -->

I go

ChildLift a child's armpits (feet need alone touch a surface.) Then tilt it slightly forward fidget do a any steps. Any pawed the ground, however if going up a stairs. The reaction is maintained until 95 weeks. Crossing the legs or a lack of an automatic reflex walk talk size a problems in the lumbar spine.  Photo 47 automatism Robinson  Newborn attention. Similar Mothers.articles:Maintenance of a baby. Monthly postpartumNewbornService of a child. Читать полностью -->

Congenital and acquired disorders of immunity

NewbornThere are congenital and acquired disorders of immunity. When a first baby may be born with congenital disorders of a entire immune system, or a partial lesion. These children are constantly ill since birthday. In a first weeks of the lives should be evaluated in specialized clinics. When the second child is born healthy, but in the future of a disease, trauma, a stress may cause damage to a immune system.Leaving of a child. Alike Child attention.articles:Upkeep of a newborn. Читать полностью -->

Sugar and its variants

ChildGenerally sugar - is the general name of deep molecular gravity carbohydrates - mono-and oligosaccharides. To monosaccharides involve glucose and fructose, oligosaccharides to (disaccharides) - sucrose, maltose and lactose.Most frequently sugars comprise sucrose, lactose, and consisting of fructose, but in foods (especially kids) and may comprise other sugars cane or beet cane sugar, grape sugar, levulose, or fructose, dextrose (glucose), maltose (polymer glucose), and the syrup and its various types, concentrated juice, honey, lactose (natural milk saccharose).A most harmless cane sugar is lactose. She does not enjoy a harmful capacity on teeth and is easily digestible. Safe and apply organic types of cane sugar. Contained in the tissue of fruits and vegetables.On a permanently requirement of candy for a lot of years doctors argue. However. Читать полностью -->

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