Mums. Lactation later a year

BabyWords that after a year of women's milk is not anything helpful - a myth. Research indicates just the opposite. Fat capacity of fresh natural milk of the a year of feeding increases by 2-3 minutes.A number of antibodies baby grows steadily increased however the content of immunoglobulin A.The level of the substances responsible for a maturation of a gastrointestinal tract remains. In the second year of life, 448 ml of warm milk provide energy needs - by 29% in the protein - by 43% in calcium - 36%, and vitamin A requirements - by 75%. Requirements folate (folic acid derivatives) are met at 76%, vitamin B12 - 94%, while a vitamins C - 60%.Other data suggest a influence of lactation on a long level of intelligence: the biggest gains were in babies who were fed the longest.There was an association betwixt duration of lactation and successful social adjustment in 6 to 88 years of age, when the newborn goes to school. Infants older than one year less likely to suffer with allergic diseases. Their immune system is more stable, and in a case of illness during the recovery time is shorter than that of your peers who do not have Mamochkin milk.There is a recent change in the composition of natural milk, its task - to prepare for an end to natural feeding (to protect against infection, restore doberemennuyu form) and to prepare a baby's aging body functional systems (endocrine, immune, nervous, and others) to parting with my mum's milk.Lactation involution may occur at a age of the kid from 1.5 to TWO.5 years.How looks a like of the a year of warm feeding?Men who never natural-feeds the child or long, normally at the words "natural-feeding" are this: my mom looks at his watch and realizes that "it is time." Takes the crumbs on his hands, arranged in a secluded place and gives a chest. So my mum picks up and goes to express fresh natural milk residues.In a imagination appears the size of a child newborn, and not the slider 2-3 years, able to speak and keep your own adult meal! And the process of feeding is only however an initiative mother to a baby (it's time - offered a chest).In reality, a opposite is true. A initiative, however a rule, belongs to a kid. A requirement for a baby - a main principle of organic feeding. Needs to satisfy a child sucking at the warm, is incredibly diverse!Warm natural milk - not just a means to stave off hunger. A composition of milk contain substances that help ripen all functional systems of a aging body (for example, substances for the progress of the nervous system and brain), anti-stress and pain hormones, antibodies that defend against a disease, a substance having morfepodobnuyu structure and help detke sleep, unique polyunsaturated fatty acids regulating a processes of excitation and inhibition in the central nervous system. And a lot of other essence items.Mamochkin milk - a miracle of nature, designed to meet all the needs of the growing organism. That is why it is however great to a need for sucking a breasts to give the child, and not "cheat" his soothers however if there is some abstract "sucking reflex" which does not have a specific application for a specific intended nature of a subject matter for sucking and sucking that may satisfy almost anything...That is why it is momentous not to separate a child with a warm earlier he let her go. The exception is a situation when sucking causes pain in the nipples. This is the 1-st sign of poor attachment to a child's chest.In such a case, you possess to put out of his mouth and offer it again, trying to capture radius areola was at least TWO-3 centimeter from the base of the nipple.However, it is great to nourish the newborn with her natural milk so long as it is indispensable: one, 2, 3...  Similar articles:Child. Monthly postpartumBabyBaby. Alcohol and warm-feedingNewbornNewborn. Massotherapy infantNewborn

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