Child. Items to child 3 weeks

NewbornOf paper plates make a doll-sided: on one position, draw a face cheerful, on a other - sad. Hold a plate in front of the eyes baby 1-st one position, so a other. Let him see and sad and cheerful person. You will find that a child likes to be at the fun, and very soon he will start talking to her. A interest of the doll will remain for a long time, since a faces are constantly replace one some.Meet a newborn with pictures. Showing their some boy or little daughter, call clearly depicted subjects, pictures with animals accompany a sounds that a animals do. On a wall near the crib may as well hang pictures or images and change them from time to time.For the progress of tactile sensations, invest in various types of pens child tissue. Best suited for this purpose pieces of burlap, silk, velvet and corduroy. Items of varied tissues can fasten wooden clothespins. This fun will help develop grasping skills.To do the evolution of crumbs colored collars or buy bright baby socks. Alternately, wear cuff or sock on a rightly and a left handle a baby, or both at once. Moving the hands in front of his eyes, newborn will gradually learn to control them, however that you remain in his field of vision.Strive to imitate the sounds uttered by a child. Listen to as he does it, and repeat. Upon a "conversation" try to be into a eyes daze. Sing, go in with the newborn. Learn a few simple rhymes and using a familiar tune, hum during feeding, bath and exercise.  Mums. Alike Mothers.articles:Care of a child. Fall thin hair later childbirthBabyNewborn. Artificial feeding. MixturesNewbornThin hair loss later giving birthNewborn

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