Newborn leaving. Is it potential to dye a hair nursing mothers

ChildMay I color my hair nursing mom - one of a most complex questions of new mothers. After all, if upon gestation a answer was clearly no, but today, when the goal is achieved and a opportunity to once again return to the image that was pre-gestation visit to the hairdresser does not demand to delay. What to do and however to maintain the attractiveness of not causing harm to a newborn at a same time? There are quite a some common myths that scare nursing moms however soon so they beginning talking some hair color.Myths about the size of the dangers of paintThe 1st myth. The paint harm the child's well-being, because it is through the hair roots may get into a blood stream.No, this is misleading - the connection of a roots and hair-sided. Thin hair can not do anything to pass a follicle, they may alone get nutrients from it. Why the fear that at a staining in fresh milk does not fall extremely effective substance for a baby, it is not required. But through the scalp you can get, however dye your thin hair nursing mother may exclusively at professionals - you are a force to do the paint with getting on a facial skin.The second myth. Coloring the hair by exposure to chemicals, you harm a newborn's health. In most cases, this is really a myth. Since current paint without trying to produce ammonia, inhalation of vapors which are really bad for a health. If you yet doubt a safety of a paint, there is a method out - per day when a staining is carried out, not put a baby to the breast, just expressing natural milk. Upon a time, all the harmful substances leave a aging body, and It is possible to continue feeding without fear for the health of the crumbs.Highlighting the benefits ofThose who are interested may you dye the thin hair lactating moms should be aware that a highlights in this period of life is safer than full colored thin hair. Highlighting specially made specialist may not affect a hair roots, and thus, a paint will not come into contact with a facial skin. In addition, it will help to make a hairstyle, which will not be how strikingly noticeable regrown roots, and a proceedings will be spending much less than traditional painting. But it is desirable that the process is carried out safely paints not on a basis of ammonia, or a next day after dyeing her mother did not feed a baby.Natural remedies for hair dyeingHerbal hair dye formulations and toners - the best version for nursing mums. Thin hair dyes that are based on herbal ingredients like henna and Basma will be the best solution for a time of lactation. You may be used independently, without fear that any harmful ingredients fall into warm natural milk. Even the impact on a scalp will not cause the child the harm, however It is possible to experiment with them calmly. At a like time, mixing henna and basma in variant proportions, you can get a lot of colors, so that a image created with their help, will not be boring. So for toning various formulations for thin hair coloring, they are also completely safe for nursing mums and may be used for touch-up roots, and to substitute the color of thin hair. But, of course, they will not help in the case of a radical substitute of image - with blonde brunette you do.  Newborn. Resembling Attention of a baby.articles:Baby care. Aggression in ChildrenBabySimulated feeding. MixturesBabyChild attention. Massotherapy for babiesNewborn

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