Water Treatments in nature

NewbornMore good opportunity to run barefoot, especially in the reasonable. The remarkable effect of hardening has walking barefoot in a dew. However much so possible let a baby run on a water in a river, the lake, a pond. No demand to specifically sunbathing, it is perfect to undress a newborn, and let it run, then gets into the shadow, so a sun. On a river do not create it right to bathe. Children love to play in the sand near the h2o, you go into a aqua, stand in it. Let them be willing to bathe himself. So you are not frightened of the h2o and enjoy swimming.Babies may pour on a street. Helf right to put a bath of coldness water (preferably from a well) in a sun, then in a afternoon, earlier dinner, let the newborn splash around in it, so throw them in cold water, wrapped in swaddling clothes, and take away the cottage. For prettily babies suffering from rickets, properly done sandbox and position it however that it was early in the early in the sun, and later, when the newborn will come out on a street, was in a shade. The child is very helpful to sit and play on a soft sand in a shade. Sleep well in the summer in the garden all the some kids, but not in direct sunlight and in a lacy shade of trees.Alike Newborn attention.articles:Newborn. Feeding porridgeChildChild. Night-feedingBabyChild MassotherapyNewborn

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