Newborn development: facial expressions and speech

ChildIn 2-3 week gradually mastered a science kid up. With all of his entourage are most attracted to a human skin - first of all, my mother's. However he constantly sees bending complete him or talking to him facial skin (while a rest sinks into a foggy haze - this vision is just start to take shape.)If you are in a process of communication will do efficient masks and face care movements, soon the baby will repeat them, "responding" to you. Mom sticks her tongue out - and between a lips appear tiny tongue. Mum smiling - too childish facial skin breaks into a smile. Mother sticks out sponge - it echoes the crumb...As well, intuitively, the kid feels a emotions coming from an adult. If a mum is calm and happy, a baby too comfortable. If the mum is irritated, angry, swear, newborn responds instantly protesters cry.By a end of 1 month to join mimicry "speech." The children with whom talk lots, gulyat back, emit squeaking, snorting sounds. Those who are more active, "talk" to the entire aging body - are drawn to the mom arms and legs, lift the buttocks, the back arch. These actions are not already aware, but they are well trained muscular system remains.About the size of his own emotional signals child cry or smile. Lamentations expresses dissatisfaction, discomfort, fear, pain, coldness sludge heat. Smile in the 1st week of life - a sign of quiet contentment. At 1st kid smiling involuntarily, almost exclusively upon sleep. Later, a smile may be observed after feeding, and while swimming. In all these cases we speak of a physiological or gastric smile.But by a end of 1 month crumbs smile begins to fill with social content, appearing in response to contact with a mitt near a person. And soon there will be a however-called "complex recovery" - a clear emotional reaction to the kid on a adult appeal to it.  Similar Child care.articles:Newborn service. Tests for allergenBabyNewborn. Breastfeeding. Bottle-feedingBabyMassotherapy for childrenNewborn

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