Newborn. What does a long lactation a magnetically mum?

Newborn"Rest" to the reproductive system. One-3-rd of gerls will not resume ovulation during the entire time of breast-feeding. Specifically efficacious contraceptive effect are nocturnal sucking.Do moms to breastfeed for more than 2 years, a 54% less chance of warm cancer compared with gerls who are not fed for more than 6 weeks.A similar pattern and with ovarian cancer. However long to feed a mom is exposed to less risk of cancer.Promotes gravity loss. For milk production is consumed 400-600 calory daily!Completion of breastfeeding against a backdrop of lactation involution. In short: involution - is the final phase in a reproductive chain "conception - gestation - birthday - to cultivate transitional milk - lactation mature."  Similar posts:What foods can possess a nursing momNewbornCare of a child. Analysis of fresh natural milkBabyBaby service. Hardening of kidsChild

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