Mothers. Progress of active speech

NewbornWhile babble - is an involuntary physiological response, indicating a comfortable state of a baby and his great mood. Indeed, during a babbling pipsqueak trains all its articulation apparatus: the vocal cords, tongue, lips, etc. Babbling toddler - a fun game, a game of fun. And at the same time, a rehearsal for a complex and gravely process of construction of sound space.A baby at 7 months listening to himself, his intonation, learning to relate what he had heard, with sensations of movement of lips and tongue. The therapist will confirm: a more varied and expressive baby babble, a less cause to worry around his next speech development. It is important to expand and maintain talk.Upon wakefulness pick up the child in his arms, as if he lies, bend to it. The newborn should enjoy a goodness to see the face. Communication must take place in silence, to a attention of the crumbs are not dissipated. Start talking with a baby and, along with gentle words, drawled: "Ah, woo-y, ma-ma-ma." Later a pause, repeat syllables again and observe the baby. He likes? Talk to the newborn is a ordinary voice, then quiet, so silently substitute a tone. In this exaggerated, emphatically articulate sounds.All of this will attract a attention of the crumbs to your facial expression and articulation. If at the time of the conversation at the kid had a desire to touch a lips, extremely great, because with his mitt, he receives additional knowledge some zvukoproiznosheniya. Following some time, a newborn will begin to imitate a movements of the lips, so he will do sounds.It's beautiful if you regularly communicate with the child on his tongue. Say, supporting speech activity child, his syllables, his talk, and give a chance to speak to him. In a course of this "conversation" in a newborn the feeling of being understood. And my mum, encouraging dialogue, knows that understanding and a desire to communicate is laid in such moments. Praise, stroke, kiss and thank a baby for the positive effect.The development of a baby in 7 monthsA evolution of a baby in 7 monthsWhat does the child at 7 monthsA building of fine motor skillsFinger gymnasticsFinger gamesBaby development in 70 monthsThe building of the child in 9 weeksConstruction of a baby under 1 yearCalendar of child progressEarly Newborn Development   Baby care. Resembling Baby.articles:Maintenance of a baby. Baby building at 11 monthsNewbornDining pregnant. Breast-feeding. Newborn Nutrition by Tymofeevoyi AMBabyMoms. Massage for babiesNewborn

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