Newborn attention. Infants's home regular sports complex with the hands

Child1. Grate with the cribPut it on the floor - it's a great prevention of flat feet.TWO. Rug - "grass" (tightly pad hallway)Walking on it strengthens the legs. Pour it on a mosaic, so pick it from the items, "blades" - cultivating lovely motor skills.3. Sticks or repaired with tape tracks from plastic cubesCan be used to train walking on a little surface and the evolution of the vestibular apparatus.4. Twisted troll mattress, a thick blanketHelps to expand matching and balance.5.Stulya, stoolsIt is possible to crawl under them, however in a tunnel of them make a great train.6. HoopTeach your child to crawl into it, laying on a floor - have "home." By a way, it is suitable for a study of the theory of sets (in a hoop will collect alone the red funs, balls).7.Lenta-velcro 3 m, balls of fleece or soft playthings with sewn on a ear pieces of VelcroPull the Velcro betwixt a cabinet and the pvc window at a height such that a newborn took out, standing on tiptoe and stretched to grow. Hang up on her various playthings and newborn will this "harvest" to collect.1. Boxes or cratesHighly handy. To get involved in them or climb over them.9. Linen Thoroughly washIt can throw balls, playing some sort of basketball for nice athletes.10. Cushions of a couch or foam rubber, skin clothYou can jump over them, to build them a variety of obstacles.11. Board width of 20-25 centimeter and a length of 60-70 centimetersPut on a edge of the bed, and will slide to ride!   Moms. Same Moms.articles:Child. Crusts on the headBabyBaby care. Poses for breastfeedingBabyTeething in childrenChild

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